Salcombe - Snapes Point

Update: South Devon Catchment Partnership

We coordinated and co-hosted five local Catchment Community consultation days in the last couple of months as part of our South Devon Catchment Based Approach work to form a South Devon Catchment Partnership and prepare a South Devon Catchment Action Plan. They were well attended by people from a wide and useful range of disciplines and organisations. We discussed what issues affect our local healthy water environments in relation to 4 areas:

  • Species and habitats
  • Value to people
  • Water Quality
  • Water Quantity

Over 18 hours, we facilitated the discussions of 102 people who suggested 191 issues and 772 possible solutions ... some in and some out of the box!

This long list of issues and possible solutions will be used by the new Partnership to prepare a Catchment Action Plan for South Devon.

We asked participants to volunteer to be part of the partnership in a variety of ways. We are very pleased that we now have 14 people joining with us on the Catchment Working Group to help develop and deliver the action plan.

Our Working Group will be holding its first meeting in January 2015.Together we shall be working on a bid to the DEFRA Catchment Partnership Action Fund for a valuable new project to complete over the next year.