The South Devon Coastal LAG is Open!

The South Devon Coastal LAG is open for your business

South Devon Coastal Local Action Group (LAG) is a partnership originally set up in 2008 to invest in economic, environmental and community based projects to encourage innovation and promote the prosperity of the rural coastal area between Plymouth and Exeter.

The programme has now been awarded just over £1.5 million to allocate to projects in the area that meet the objectives of the strategy.

The focus of this next rural programme will be creating jobs and helping the rural economy to grow, with the main areas for support being:-

  • Farming – support for farm diversification / increasing productivity
  • Forestry – support for increasing productivity and processing
  • Enterprise – creation or development of micro and small businesses
  • Tourism / Rural Services / Cultural & Heritage activity

What funding is on offer?

Grants will start at £2,500 with a maximum of £100,000. The grant can be made up to 40% of eligible application costs eg if your business ideas will cost 10,000, you may be able to apply for £4,000 from the South Devon Coastal LAG.

What do you need to show?

Project ideas need to be of an economic nature with job creation being the main focus.

Your project must be based within the South Devon Coastal LAG area and it will need to fit under one of the South Devon Coastal LAG objectives.

To find out more please contact: The DR Company 01837 658643 or visit