Kingsbridge - Salcombe Estuary

South Devon Biosecurity Planning workshop

The AONB Unit is hosting a seminar  to work on the production of a South Devon AONB Estuaries BioSecurity Plan, everyone is welcome.  It will be held on Wednesday 15th February from 10am -12.30pm in the Cary Room, Follaton House Totnes.

Nigel Mortimer South Devon AONBs Estuaries Officer commented "Without an effective single species silver bullet, the emphasis of the plan has to be the prevention of further Invasive Non-Native Species (INNS) introductions and spread, rather than the control and management of those that have already arrived. The workshop will be to consider estuarine and coastal INNS only and not those within the catchments unless they’re salt tolerant.  We intend the plan to be relevant and effective in each of our local estuaries, risk based but also realistic to the local estuary’s / harbour’s capacity."

We are being assisted in the production of the plan with funding from Natural England, and the workshop will be led by Robin Payne. Robin is an ecologist who specialises in invasive non-native species and has extensive experience of marine biosecurity, he was the lead author of the UK best practice manual on marine biosecurity planning. Robin recently spent two months in Australia and New Zealand looking at how those countries, acknowledged as world leaders, develop community-based approaches to preventing the introduction of marine non-native species.

Please let the team know if you’d like to join the workshop for catering numbers, email Nigel Mortimer  or Tel:01803 861384