Sign up for Sea Moor Lottery to help the AONB

South Devon AONB is signed up as a good cause with the weekly SeaMoor lotto operated by South Hams District Council

The South Devon Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB) Partnership needs your help to continue caring for your local area and ensure the designation really delivers for you.

In partnership with local communities, landowners and a wide range of organisations we work hard to care for the living, working landscape known as the South Devon AONB. The southern part of South Hams forms more than 95% of this important nationally protected landscape.

Amid the increasing demands being placed on our local environment, the area's nature, heritage, countryside, coast, estuaries, settlements and natural resources all continue to give back something extraordinarily valuable to us all. For each of us, the specific benefits we derive from our environment are different but they all shape our individual perspective on the local area that we know, love and cherish. This wealth of 'natural capital' underpins the health and wellbeing of residents, provides wonderful and varied visitor experiences and is the main resource upon which our local economy relies.

Our continued challenge is to ensure that the South Devon AONB is able to keep giving back to you all and future generations.  We need to continually adapt the management of the AONB to meet the needs of communities and local businesses without losing or compromising the qualities and character that makes South Hams such a special place. 

Declining public sector funding and increasing pressure on this highly valued landscape mean that we need your help more than ever before to continue developing and delivering relevant and impactful projects, ensuring the South Devon AONB remains outstanding for many years to come.

The cost of each ticket is £1 and 50% of the ticket price is donated to the good cause. The draw  takes place every Saturday night and results are  posted at , Facebook and Twitter.

Good luck