Cardews of Salcombe

Lambing at Collaton Down Farm

Canoeing on the Dart

Potter at work, Slapton


We work with local communities, groups, organisations and individuals all over the Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB) to help them explore, understand and discover more about what makes South Devon so special.

Here you'll find their stories, photos, artwork, experiences of what it means to live, work and play in a protected landscape.

Why not join in and tell us about Your AONB too!

Living in the AONB

Local residents tell us about living in the AONB, their connection to the area and being part of the local community.

Brixham and Kingswear Peninsula Connections

Discover the diverse and exceptional heritage of the Brixham and Kingswear peninsula and find out how, through the Routeways and Connections project, we worked with communities to discover new and different ways to engage with this very special part of the AONB.

Mapping my AONB

As part of a larger European funded project, we worked with the local communities of Holbeton and Wembury to record what their landscape meant to them and how it made them feel. This information was collected and pinned to a point on a Google map.

Living off the Land

Discover the stories of living, working and growing up on a farm in South Devon.

Doing your bit

We can all help keep the South Devon AONB a great place to live, work and play. Explore the area under your own steam, go green and support local businesses.


An online scrap book to record people’s memories of living in the South Devon AONB since the 1960s.