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South Devon AONB Partnership

The Partnership's role

The care and management of the South Devon Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB) is co-ordinated by a broad partnership of organisations and community representatives. The Partnership Committee takes a strategic view of the area, publishes the AONB Management Plan and oversees the work of the AONB Staff Unit.

The purpose and organisational arrangements of the Partnership are set out in the AONB Partnership Constitution.


The Partnership Committee bring a wide range of knowledge and expertise, representing different sectors, communities and agencies. Some are appointed by organisations and some are elected at the AONB annual open forum.

The current chairman of the Partnership is John Green.


Partnership Committee meetings are held three times a year and are open to the public to attend as observers. The agenda papers and minutes can be viewed and we give information about attending meetings.

Status of the AONB Partnership

Although AONBs are statutory designations, the legislation does not provide for any official structures or organisations to manage and protect them. So unlike National Parks, there is no "AONB authority" with legal powers or decision making force.

The AONB Partnership is a non-statutory grouping of organisations and representatives which works by consenses, co-ordination and influencing.